Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Photoshoot of NRN

Not many times does one get to meet an idol .. or better still shake hands with them..
but this one happened just yesterday ..
I was invited/asked to do a photoshoot during an interview that NRN was giving..!
I must say .. i was simply thrilled at listening to him...
My idol

talk to me!

The down to earth personality that NRN our boss is made me realize one thing for sure...
Dream!! The world is waiting with its arms open to listen to your ideas...provided that you stick to the values and the honesty and hardwork in whatever one does..
A small shoot.. but definitely enough to leave impressions.. that will take a good time to fade away...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

In love with Flowers

The freshness that these flowers emit are a welcome sight anytime!
another one...


Father Son get close

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Child Relief and You

Just recently with these discussions about this reservations and all.. there was a nice thing that i came across..
This was one of my friend contributing some part of his basic salary as a donation to CRY ( Child relief and You) .. I did feel a bit ashamed at not having done something similar..
and will probably will do it for sure in the near future..

However.. my connection with the children goes back long.. probably right from the day i started photographing...
The look on the kids faces, their innocence, their carefree laughter just fills my heart with joy...

Express Yourself: Hunger

They have become a favourite subject of shooting for me...

I know a Secret

The expressions that these kids give simply amazing and at many times they do touch the heart and makes you want to do something for them...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Who doesn't want a Happily married life...

Leading a happily married life....

Red color significance in Indian marriages.... do u picturise a marriage without this?
do u picturise an indian wedding ceremony without the color red cloth?? or do you visualise a Indian marriage without the Bangles??

Bangles a necessary paraphenelia of the married women in India...

remember the familiar sight in yester year movies when the "indian" bride would invariably break her "red" bangles at the news of the death of the husband followed by a shreik "nahiiiiiiiiii...."

Indian Essence

Friday, May 19, 2006

Adieu East India.. Will be back soon!!

I write this .. on my last day in Bhubaneshwar on this current...
Sometimes i wonder if I will ever be back to this place.. but i have to be here... someday soon.. as I will be definitely be going to the Konark and Puri temples again.

Currently had a chance to go to Kolkata and i simply was amazed at the photographic opportunities that the place provides.

The Victoria memorial at Sunset...An architectural marvel!!!
Victoria Memorial

Its been a great one month here...but at the same time it also fills the heart with grief seeing the poverty around...
I covered some parts of West Bengal and also roamed the areas in and around Bhubaneshwar. Wish I could spend more time with the people here and the kids on the streets.. Orissa being one of the poverty struck state with the natural wrath troubling it all times of the year.. the cyclones, the drought, the floods are really a sorrow site to witness.

3 Kalis and a Shiva!
3 Kalis and a Shiva

I will be back Orissa and West bengal!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Express Yourself

Express Yourself: Laugh

Express Yourself: Tease

Express Yourself: Scare


Express Yourself: Blush