Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Shooting birds

This is one thing that i have always wanted to try, but somehow it never materialized...
Had my friend's Sigma 70-300mm, f4-5.6 lens with me... and my Nikon D70s with me..
Finally managed to go to this Rangantittu Bird Sanctuary near Mysore and shot a few shots of birds. Mainly Egrets, Painted Storks and Spoonbills.

These birds happen to be one of the most difficult subjects to shoot..
I wish i had a better lens to take better pictures.. but i still feel that the pics have come out good for a first timer!

Here are some shots from the shoot






The challenge is to click at the right moment.... get the compositions right..
since everything is against the favorable conditions..
The boat is moving.. the birds are flying.. and the light keeps getting lesser and lesser.. every second.. therefore its really a challenge to shoot on the fly....
Moreover with the low end lenses not giving much of an aperture setting.. u have to be really stable.. even the slight shake gets noticed and the picture get blurred..

Live upto the challenge!
Just getting some variety in my work!

Comments welcome!