Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Divine Presence

Divine Presence...

Just yesterday.. or was it today.. i read an article in the TOI in the speaking tree section if i remember well saying that there was this guy who had a dream about god inviting him to dinner the next day. Thus he goes for dinner without informing anyone where he is going and to meet whom; at the predecided hotel and waits and waits from 8 PM onwards. However God does not turn up and his uncle does. So finally feeling very low at not having met God he tells everything to his dad and his dad explains about the omnipresent God.

The day i shifted to my new house that was in August 2005... I was awestruck with this coconut groove that was there just in front...If there was one thing that i always wanted to do with this groove was this.. take a picture with the sun rays..

Every Morning during the winters I would wake up and see this sight just outside my house...thinking that ok.. tomorrow I am going to take "the picture" and the very sight would fill me enthusiasm...days passed... so did weeks.. untill i realised that the days will pass by and I may have to wait another year for this to re-happen...So finally one fine morning.. with intentions of finishing the loaded roll in my Vivitar .. i shot a couple if these shots...and i could not help but Thank the lord for his presence in the snap...!

Probably this was God's way on entering my heart which did seem as complicated as the coconut groove that lay there.

And this was just in front of my house in Bangalore!!
Its really sad that I have to relocate to some other locality and the one thing that I am gonna miss about my current house is this.