Monday, July 10, 2006

Two worlds..

In my quest to finding a reason behind their (the street children) happiness i find that there are innumerable reasons for them to be happy .. evne though there may be innumerable+1 reasons for them to be sad..
I as a photographer try to capture their happiness...unlike the myriad photographers around the world who aim at capturing the sufferings... the mishaps.. the dirty environments....

Here's a discussion i was having with a few photographers with respect to an image of mine..
I find it so surprising why the foreigners connect street children with being sad.. being hopeless...

[Photographer 1]
How can children be so full of joy when they are "in prison" like here? If you want to tell a story by this image which one is it? It's not clear to me.

Caged Dreams

[My reply to above]
Hi ****** I appreciate it...As a photographer i have failed as i have not been able to bring out what i wanted you to percieve ..There was no story that was meant to be told regardin this pic.. the kids are not in a prison.. just that these kids have so many dreams.. but most of their dreams are just left in dreams and nthing is really achieved.. Thats the thing that I had wanted to show.. Just my two cents on this..Regards

[Photographer 1 replies to me]
Hello,Thank you for your message. We are living in two different worlds. In my world i cannot imagine that children "in a cage" are having so much fun. On the other hand it is just human to have dreams of better worlds in a material or an immaterial way. Thats universal.I looked at a few other photos you made and i must say that there are some very interesting pictures amongst them. See you,Pieter007

[Photographer 2]
I disagree with [photographer 1] ... I think it is a believable story that those who have the least stuff have more hope and look forward to using what they have ... I really like the story told here ... I like the capture of the look of hope in the kids eyes and the colors work ....


I must say .. I was impressed by the way [photographer 2] replied back.. and i find it just fitting to my findings..