Thursday, October 06, 2005

Of books and Leela!!!

Never before have i read so many books at one go..!!
Never before have i felt so good..!!
Never before have i spent so much BUYING my own books...!!
Never before have i visited a seven star hotel so frequently... ( the Leela Palace in this case .. thanks to the Oxford book store there)

Finished quite a few books in this mean time.

Angels and Demons... by Dan Brown!!
This guy is a genius ... I simply love his writing style..!! Have become an ardent fan of his... and become another entry in his millions fan club.. His novels are so captivating that you will never feel like putting it down...

Being Indian... by Pavan Verma
Amazing book.. especially the chapters on Technology and the Rise of Democracy .... great one
I must say a must read for anybody preparing to get theier vocabulary tested..!! I seriously asked myself... was this an Indian writer writing such English... But by the end of it .. I feel proud to be Indian ... nice insights into many things that we so often are aware but fail to realise.. Also it has real statistical data to support the facts... so there is nothing else you can do but BELIEVE it!!!

To Sir with love... by E M Braithwaite
This one classifies as a sweet book...!! very beautifully written...Its the story of a Negro teacher who has served in the army .. but he fails to get a decent job after leaving the army ..untill one day he lands up at a school in East London... the school of al things has this peculiar rule.. NOT TO PUNISH any of the students for whatever wrong they do...The love of the teacher for the students and vice versa... the beautiful moments that make u cry... Got this book as a bday gift from my girl friend.. Defnitely a must read...!!

Currently reading Chasing the Monsoon... another beautiful book ... its a travel account of a Englishman who plans to chase the monsoon from its onset in Kerela standing at the house from where he sees the three water bodies meet .. to Cherrapunji .. the place which he had seen once in a painting in his childhood...The description of the monsoon is marvellous... simply magical... and makes youi realise the beauty of rain...

Put these activities with the Work load (I leave home by 7 in the morning and am back by 9 in the night)... and the regular visit to the book shop in Leela ...and the photography trips in the weekend..... u get an idea of what a Life I am leading in Bangalore!!!!

I dont know whats going to happen later .... but All that I know is that I'm Loving each and every moment of my stay at Bangalore!!!!