Monday, April 14, 2008

Getting attached to ideas

One of the things that I seek to do in projects is generate hundred of concepts over brainstorming sessions. This is something I have not been able to do. The maximum I would have reached is 20-30. And being a designer, I know that, it is a very small number.

Starting to love your idea, just results in the designer not being able to think beyond that one idea.

For one of the projects, that I am doing currently, I mentioned to my team that we should have at-least a hundred ideas and the white boards needs to be full. A fellow team mate stops us at 10 ideas.

Also by ideas I mean concrete ideas. I feel important
By stating anything generic like the idea should do this and should do that, it does not really solve the purpose. However if we adopt the attitude that the idea "will" do this rather than "should" do this, makes a huge difference.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Experiencing Disability

In one of the assignments, that we are doing, one of the task is to experience a disability. We are trying to do whats called an Experience Prototype.(1)

The task here was very simple. I had to write my first name and last name.
The only constraint was that I had to hold the mouse upside down.
This way the mouse now worked was in order to go up, I had to move the mouse down, and the same for the left and right.

In case you have still not figured out, I have written Kshitiz Anand.

I was trying to experience a person with dyslexia. One of the conditions identified with people with this is to see things inversely. So the idea here was to experience a similar condition.
We designed a task that would enable me to experience it.

Conclusion: It is not easy to do tasks that we consider are easy if we have a disability.
For a better web and user experience, it becomes essential to take into consideration the factors that allow acceptance with a wider audience.

1) Experience Prototyping is a method of user research proposed and propagated by the design firm IDEO.